Case Type Index

Drug Offenses

  1. Drug Trafficking and Distribution
  2. Importation of Controlled/Prohibited Substances
  3. Unlawfully Manufacturing Controlled/Prohibited Substances
  4. Unlawful Possession and Regulatory Violations

Economic Offenses

  1. Bulk Cash Smuggling
  2. Bribery and Kickbacks
  3. Counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Extortion, Forgery, Robbery, Tax Evasion
  4. Money Laundering
  5. Offenses Involving Fraud or Deceit
  6. Theft

Immigration, Naturalization, and Passports, Offenses

  1. Alien Smuggling
  2. Illegal Entry into the United States
  3. Misuse of Passport or Entry Documents

Offenses Against the Person

  1. Abduction Kidnaping, Sexual Abuse
  2. Assault
  3. Homicide

Offenses Involving Criminal Enterprises

  1. Gambling
  2. Labor Racketeering
  3. Racketeering
  4. Trafficking in Contraband

Offenses Involving National Defense

  1. Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear, Weapons Crimes
  2. Prohibited Financial Transactions and Exports (Trading with Embargoed Nations)
  3. Treason
  4. Sabotage

Offenses Involving Sex Crimes and Sexual Exploitation

  1. Child Pornography: Possession, Distribution, Production
  2. Creating, Distributing, Promoting, a Commercial Sex Act Without Consent
  3. Sexual Explication of a Minor

Other Offenses

  1. Antitrust Violations
  2. Bank Robbery
  3. Boarder Crimes
  4. Conspiracy
  5. Crimes involving Mandatory Minimums
  6. Crimes on Native American Reservations
  7. Cyber and Computer Crimes
  8. Drug Tunnel Offenses
  9. Federal Misdemeanors
  10. Human Trafficking
  11. Labor Offenses
  12. Mail Fraud
  13. Offenses Involving Public Officials and Federal Campaign Laws
  14. Offenses Involving the Environment
  15. Slave Trade
  16. Structuring
  17. Terrorism
  18. Torture
  19. Trafficking Firearms ad Explosives
  20. United States Sentencing Guidelines “Commission”