Legal Background

“Baptized by fire” was the phrase used by the head partner to describe Ryan’s first several years of practice.  After taking and passing the California Bar on his first attempt, Ryan started working for one of the most prestigious criminal law firms in San Diego.  There, Ryan was tasked with handling the most complicated and difficult criminal law cases. As such, he soon became comfortable and competent with even the most complex legal matters.

While working at his previous firm, Ryan dealt with cases ranging from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (DUI),  to multi defendant federal drug conspiracies, to Bank Robbery, to vehicular manslaughter.  Ryan has had the opportunity to see it all.  From petty theft to high profile federal cases involving the use of drug tunnels, Ryan is comfortable and experienced in a wide range of criminal cases.

Ryan was promoted to “Chief Associate Attorney”.  He oversaw Jr. Associates and managed support staff.  While he greatly enjoyed his time with his former law firm, he knew that eventually he wanted to form his own office and create something that closely represented him and how he wanted to practice.  Fortunately, after 6 years of working at his prior firm, Ryan still has a good relationship with the head partner.  They remain close friends and their firms work on many joint cases and projects together.

Ryan continues to feel a deep gratitude for his experience at his prior firm and specifically the head partner for giving him the opportunity to handle these difficult cases. While many other young attorneys were doing research projects and slowly getting accustomed to their new profession, Ryan made over one hundred and thirty-five (135) court appearances in his first year alone.  This experience has given Ryan the ability to successfully run and operate his own law firm with an expertise and a legal background that many attorneys will never achieve.

With a very clear idea in his mind about how a Law Firm should be managed and run, Ryan opened The Law Office of Ryan T. Mardock.  This office closely mirrors his vision of how a law firm ought to be.  Ryan did not always have it easy; he had to work hard to earn what he now has today.  Therefore, he understands and deeply feels for many of the individuals he represents.  He demands a high standard of ethics from everyone he works with.  He also expects that each client should receive a personal touch, and above all, the best representation possible.

This law office continues to represent individuals involved in Federal or State criminal investigations, indictments, and formal criminal complaints.  This firm is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of legal advocacy.  Whether under investigation or having had formal charges filed against you, The Law Office of Ryan T. Mardock is your best option for competent and effective legal representation.

Personal and Educational Background

Ryan T. Mardock was born and raised in the State of Oregon.  For much of his life, his mother was the sole caretaker of both he and his brother.  As a young man, Ryan enjoyed participating in many athletic endeavors.  He particularly excelled in soccer, surfing, and boxing.  At the age of fifteen (15) Ryan was given the opportunity to spend several months overseas playing soccer while representing his country and club.  He feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity through soccer to travel and form what has become a  lifelong interest in other cultures and peoples.  This experience forever changed Ryan and would play an intricate role in many future decisions.

At the age of eighteen (18) Ryan started his undergraduate studies at Oregon State University. Having been exposed to both Italian and Spanish as a young man, he naturally gravitated toward the study of languages.  As a language major, Ryan was able to live abroad while getting his degree. This time abroad would reinforce Ryan’s desire to travel and see more of the world.  Ryan often says that he believes it is through experiencing other cultures and peoples that we truly begin to understand who we are.  While Studying at Oregon State University, Ryan made the “Dean’s List” multiple times, and received several academic awards for excellence.

At twenty-two (22) years old, Ryan graduated from Oregon State University, and left for Barcelona, Spain, where he obtained his ESL Credential.  He then relocated to the province of Asturias, Spain, where he lived and worked for a combined six years as an English Professor at Oxford, School of English.  There, he prepared students of different ages and abilities to sit for accredited English examinations.  This time was priceless for Ryan, and he often looks back on this stage of his life with great fondness.  However, he always knew that all roads would eventually lead him back to the United States and into a legal career.

Ryan returned to the United States, more specifically San Diego, and began his legal education. While at law school, he realized that he was interested in criminal law.  He felt very strongly that although necessary, governmental powers/agencies needed to be closely monitored to ensure they follow the constitution and all laws as they apply to governing powers.  While he understands and deeply respects the government’s place in society, he believes strongly that there is a balance that must occur between the government’s powerful reach, and an individual’s right to privacy. Ryan soon realized the most practical and real application of the divisions and limitations of governmental power, was that exercised by a defendant in a criminal case.

During law school Ryan was an intern at the San Diego Public Defender’s Office.  Although he enjoyed this time, and greatly respects those attorneys, he soon realized that he wanted to pursue a legal avenue that allowed for a bit more flexibility, and less of an established hierarchy.  At a subsequent internship, he began working on a death penalty appeal that would eventually take him to the San Quentin State Prison, Death Row Unit.  Touching upon this experience, Ryan wrote a scholarly article, pertaining to the death penalty as used in the United States.  His efforts were rewarded with an “American Jurisprudence”, the highest academic award a student can receive in a given subject area.