Attorney Ryan Mardock has made regular appearances on Univision and Telemundo, the leading media companies serving Spanish speaking America.  As a bilingual attorney, Ryan has been able to address legal issues in both the English and Spanish speaking communities.  Ryan has also been interviewed by local news agencies regarding several high profile cases that he has handled throughout his career.  In general, Ryan prefers to stay “out of the spot light” and concentrate on the practical aspect of his profession.  However, on occasion when the situation is appropriate, he will give his professional opinion regarding current local and national legal issues.

Ryan was asked to make an appearance on Univision News “Noticias” and speak about recent developments in the situation surrounding Mayor Filner and his alleged sexual misconduct. During this interview, Ryan describes potential criminal liability that is associated with these types of allegations. He also touches upon the California evidentiary code, and what, if any, of these statements would be admissible during a trial.

Ryan was asked to appear on Univision regarding the ex-mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner. During this live broadcast, Ryan was asked to give his opinion regarding potential legal consequences that might transpire as a result of the several accusations against Mr. Filner for sexual misconduct. During this interview, Ryan draws the distinction between a civil and a criminal case. He then goes on to describe the difference between felony and misdemeanor conduct. Finally, he touches upon the situations when a case can be removed from a specific jurisdiction, and explains when a “change of venue” is appropriate.

Attorney Ryan T. Mardock and Russell S. Babcock have been retained to represent the lead defendant in an enormous twenty-three person RICO indictment. The case has received national and international attention. It is being covered by dozens of news agencies in the United States and abroad. The charges include: Racketeering, Illegal Gambling, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Violence, and Conspiracy. Mr. Mardock's client  is the alleged "ring leader" of this operation. The following are links to news articles discussing this fascinating case:

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