Of Councel

“Of Counsel” is a term often used in the legal community.  The meaning of this term has changed greatly over the years.  Traditionally, “of counsel” was used to describe a partner of a law firm who was retired and who is no longer actively involved in the day-to-day practice but nonetheless remained involved in an advisory capacity.

Today, of counsel is generally used to describe practicing attorneys that have a close, personal, continuous, and regular relationship.  However, these attorneys are not associates or members of the same law firm.  They are independent attorneys who will jointly represent clients together on a reoccurring basis.  Meaning, these particular clients will have two separate attorneys, from two separate law firms, both of whom are representing the client’s interests.

For some cases, especially larger more complicated ones, it is helpful to have a second attorney working the case.  This allows each attorney to focus their efforts on specific areas.  Often times it is good to get impute from another attorney, not directly related to your law firm, regarding legal strategies or issues that inevitably arise in complicated cases.  Having a fresh perspective will often times increases the level of representation received by the client.

The Law Office of Ryan T. Mardock and The Law Office of Russell S. Babcock are of counsel.  The two law firms will often work together on cases requiring more time and attention.  This is especially true for large complicated cases where the defendant is facing severe consequences.  Russell and Ryan have been working on cases together for years. They have co-tried cases in both federal and state court.  Russell and Ryan have a chemistry together that is difficult if not impossible to duplicate.  They know each other’s strengths and approach the case accordingly.

Often times the government will have several prosecutors working a case.  The government has a seemingly endless supply of resources to dedicate toward prosecuting crime.  Therefore, under certain circumstances it is beneficial for a defendant to have two law firms working together in order to ensure the best possible representation.