The worst day of my life was when I was arrested at the border with drugs in my car. I was driving and did not know someone had put them in there. I was so scared. They took me to federal jail, treated me so bad, and made jokes about how much of my life was now in jail. While in Federal jail I heard about Ryan. He was representing another person I was in jail with. I called him and he came to see me. I knew he was the one I wanted. I told him that I was not guilty, he was the only person that believed me. We fought my case for several months. Finally, when I thought there was no hope, the government took away all the charges against me. I was free. Now I am with my family, taking care of my daughter. This nightmare is over. Thank you so much Ryan.


I was charged with falsification of governmental forms. I did not intend to falsify anything. Instead I was acting upon the advice of another attorney. Ryan was able to get the case dismissed. He never backed down, but was very good at calmly and respectively working with the government. Thank you Ryan!!!


I was charged with a DUI. I am a professional and am constantly out of town. Ryan was able to make all the court appearances without me being present. He was always very attentive and responsive to my questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent. He was able to get the DUI down to a “wet reckless.” I would highly recommend this gentleman for anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney.


My cousin was charged in a very big federal drug conspiracy. There were many defendants in the case. Everyone was facing over 10 years in jail. Ryan was an amazing attorney. He spent so much time with my cousin and knew the case really well. He answered all of our questions and was always so nice to be with. You can tell that he really knows that law and works really hard. In the end my cousin got a better outcome then any other defendant. Ryan worked for over two years on my cousin’s case. He never gave up.


My son was charged with a petty theft. He made a mistake but I did not want it to effect the rest of his life. Ryan spent a lot of extra time with my son. Even though this was a small case, you would never have known that with how Ryan acted. He took so much time with my son and gave him a lot of personal advise. I am very thankful to him for that. Eventually Ryan got the case dismissed and nothing is on my son’s record.


My brother was arrested for re-entry into the United States without permission. The problem is that he had prior convictions that would make his case very bad. The prosecution was asking for 3 ½ year for just coming back. Our family is in Colombia and we need someone to take time with this case. Ryan did a fantastic. It was so good to speak with someone in Spanish. In the end Ryan did something with one of the before convictions of my brother and he only got six months. I would recommend this attorney to anyone.


My brother was charged in federal court with the federal crime of taking money to Mexico without telling anyone. My family not live in San Diego so we not know what to do. We look for a good attorney. Ryan was so good to us. He knows the law very so well, and is such a good person. My brother feel very comfortable with him. My brother was guilty but Ryan got him only a little time. Much less then all other people my brother in jail with who did same thing.


I was charged with a crime I did not commit. The prosecutor wanted to give me 8 years in jail for something I did not do. I knew that I needed a private attorney to get the representation that I needed. That’s not easy when your in jail and there are so many attorneys out there how will tell you anything you want to here. My Mom found Ryan. From the first time he came to see me I knew he was the one for my case. I told him I was innocent and that I wanted to fight my case. He explained all the consequences of losing, but always stood by me. He would always give it to me straight good and bad news. Ryan always seemed in control of my case. He always understood exactly what was happening. He would come visit me almost every week. At trial the prosecution was going to give me 12 years, I was scared. Ryan is the best trial attorney. He is smart and takes his time. He talks to the jury like he is one of them. In the end we won my case. Not guilty!!! And all because of Ryan. He saved me 12 years of my life. Ryan is a very humble person, but he is the best attorney in the world.


A family member was charged with a very serious crime. Although we supported him, we could not believe what he had done. At his first hearing the prosecutor said that this might be a “life case.” We knew that we needed a private attorney right away. We Hired Ryan and from the beginning I knew we made the right choice. He was so kind to me and my family. He never judged. He is so good at being a lawyer, and always made us feel confidence in him. He always returned calls and had many meetings with our family in person. Ryan always has a smile and cares about everyone. Most important, he is very good and wise about being a lawyer. After many months Ryan made a deal with the prosecution and my brother only has to be in jail for five years. Even the judge said that five years was a “gift” and that my brothers lawyer had done very well for him. We are so embarrassed at what my brother did, but we love him. Thank you Ryan.


Myself and several other people were charged in State Court with disability fraud. I was devastated. I am a nurse, and any conviction on my record would result in me losing my license. I support my entire family, and losing my license was unthinkable. Fortunately we found Ryan. Upon taking my case he immediately set up a meeting with the prosecutor and hired an investigator. He worked hard to try and prove I was innocent, and that I did not know what I had done violated the law. In the end, Ryan was able to convince the DA to dismiss my case! There is nothing on my record. I am okay now, and it is all because of Ryan.


About seven months ago my husband was arrested at San Diego Boarder and charged in federal court with importation of Methamphetamine. We could not believe what was happening. No one in our family had ever trouble with authorities. Our family does not live in San Diego and we panicked and we very scared. The public defender told me that my husband was going to get ten years in jail for this. We decided to hire a private attorney. We were so lucky to found Ryan. He was great from very beginning. He took the time to explain everything the case. He would always answered our every calls. Even though this was a very serious case and my husband was facing a ten year mandatary minimum in jail, Ryan was always in control and made us feel so confident. You could tell he had done many cases like my husband’s. After months of speaking with prosecution Ryan got to change the charge to a non-mandatory minimum case. He then fought hard at sentencing and was able to get my husband 30 months in jail. To go from 10 years to 2 ½ years was amazing. We are so thankful to have Ryan. I would recommend Ryan to everyone. He is the best attorney.